Pinnacle Hills Soaps

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Summer 2011, Sugar being walked after a bath!!

Sugar of Pinnacle Hills goat farm.

We do not breed or sell dogs, this is our farm goat dog, Sugar, the boss of the goat-yard, She is a beautiful white Great Pyrenees.   Sugar was born on a Boer goat farm,  her parents were goat dogs and as well as her grandparents.  By instinct she guards and protects our goats.  She is loyal and works 24-7. ♥ Sugar passed away July 2016, she had a torn CCL and Hip dysplasia, due to her size and age we put her down and couldn't let her suffer.



 Sugar, February 2012.

Links to the Carolinas Great Pyrenees Rescue

LINK to article on SUGAR as a working LGD  in the CGPR newsletter. March 2010  pages 4/5  See our soaps!