Pinnacle Hills Soaps

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       ~ Goodbye Pinnacle Hills Goat Farm, Hello Pinnacle Hills Soaps

WE NO LONGER HAVE GOATS, Donkeys or a Llama ON THE FARM!! Due to my back health, we had to sell all our animals. We are using fresh frozen milk from Lamancha goats.

THANK YOU TO all our wonderful friends, especially fellow goat people, it was a good run for 13 years.  THANK YOU  to all my soap customers I plan to continue making soap for years to come, and I will continue with the Elkin & Mt Airy Farmers Markets as well as some local festivals.   Thank you with love from the farm.

We now are growing some of the natural herbs we use to put in our soaps such as Jewelweed, Plantain, Calendula, Dandelion.... We also have changed our gardens to pollinator gardens for the Butterflies, Moths & Bees.  We are on the NC Butterfly Highway and help raise Monarch butterflies from eggs, plus we grow our own milkweed.  Everything is pesticide free.